Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant @ Fusionopolis

Every now and then, colleagues and I get bored with canteen food. Someone suggested go somewhere else to eat and everyone readily agreed. 🙂

Our legs brought us to Fusionopolis. We walked down to the basement food court and all of us decided, no. The food reminds us of food at our canteen. *yawn*

So we went upstairs instead. We have not been here for sometime and we noticed a new Japanese eatery. So we walked in.

Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant

The service staff seated us rather quickly and we placed our order. We were taking a long time to order because we did not know what to eat. We were like waiting for the food to call our name, order us, order us. LOL…

We finally ordered and we also had a bowl of Edamame to share. Warm soya bean and salt always taste so good eh?


Ms JSFR had the Sushi Set. You can see that there’s 9 pieces of sushi. She said it was not bad.

Sushi Set

If you are wondering what comes with the set, there’s this side dish. Carrots, lotus root and mushroom stew. It’s quite nice. (this photo belongs to my set below, its the same side dish as the one above) It also comes with a slice of watermelon.

Side Dish of the Sets.

Wire ordered his usual stuff. We could already guess what he was ordering.
The Sansai Udon. He always have it with udon.

Sansai Udon

Old Cat and Puk had the Char Siew Ramen.
They saw the menu stating its full of collagen and its good for skin. LOL..
Old Cat opted to make is ramen into a set. So he had a dessert and 3 pieces of sushi added. (he later said he should not have opted for the $3 upgrade. ;-p )

Char Siew Ramen Set

I had the Saba Set. I realise I have been having Saba fish when I eat at Japanese places. Hmm why ah?

The set comes with rice and the side dish shown above and a watermelon. 😉

Saba Set

If you are wondering about the pricing, we realise there’s no GST.
There’s a 10% service tax added to the following prices. Char Siew Ramen $12.80, Edamame $3.50, Sansai Udon $9, Saba Set $12.80, Sushi Set $13.80.

Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant @ Fusionopolis
1 Fusionopolis Way
#02-20/21 Symbiosis
Singapore 138632

Tel: 6466 3511

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