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.Area: Buona Vista / Dover / Ghim Moh / Holland Village

Menya Musashi @ The Star Vista

It’s ironic, I don’t really like to eat noodles made from wheat, but I do like ramen! I prefer to have noodles made from rice flour. Which is why when I order CKT, I only order only Kway Teow and no noodles in it. If […]

Brunch at Da Paolo BistroBar, Rochester Park

The wife loves weekend brunches. Some weeks we go for brunches together, on other weeks, she meets up with her other friends from secondary school, her Bible Study girls, etc. They leave their husbands and boyfriends at home so that they have their own personal […]

BORNGA, Authentic Korean @ Star Vista

BORNGA probably the biggest chain of Korean BBQ restaurants globally has opened in Singapore. Located at Star Vista, it is joins the 33 outlets in Korea and 12 others in China, US and Indonesia. This was an invitation to try out their cuisine and we […]

Arkadas Cafe @ Fusionopolis

My colleagues and I felt bored eating at our regular lunch place and someone suggested something more exotic. Someone suggested trying out Turkish food at Fusionopolis. We thought why not? So we took the Circle Line train to Fusionopolis station. We were glad we came […]

Girls’ Day Out with Häagen-Dazs

Have you been to Häagen-Dazs recently?I was at the Holland Village shop and realised it has been decked up a bit!There are quite little sidewalk lights and pink banners around! A few guys (including me) were seen gate-crashing at Häagen-Dazs Holland Village for their Girls’ […]