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.Location: Fusionopolis

Arkadas Cafe @ Fusionopolis

My colleagues and I felt bored eating at our regular lunch place and someone suggested something more exotic. Someone suggested trying out Turkish food at Fusionopolis. We thought why not? So we took the Circle Line train to Fusionopolis station. We were glad we came […]

Penang Place Restaurant @ Connexis, Fusionopolis

Colleagues and I were discussing about what to have for lunch and someone mentioned Penang Place. A colleague who passed Fusionopolis on the way home daily said it has opened. I also remember seeing a flyer at my in laws place a few days before […]

Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant @ Fusionopolis

It was a colleague’s birthday and it’s currently a very busy time at work, so we went somewhere near to celebrate his birthday. He suggested two places and this happened to be one of it. The last time we came here was in August 2009! […]

Shin Nichi Japanese Restaurant @ Fusionopolis

Every now and then, colleagues and I get bored with canteen food. Someone suggested go somewhere else to eat and everyone readily agreed. 🙂 Our legs brought us to Fusionopolis. We walked down to the basement food court and all of us decided, no. The […]

Koryo (Korean) Restaurant @ Fusionopolis

Colleagues and I were wondering what to have for lunch. We wanted to have Indian food, because two lunch buddies who don’t really fancy Indian food’s on leave. We thought there’s a new Khansama that’s opened in Fusionopolis, but we seem to have made a […]