.Location: Fairmont (prev Raffles the Plaza Hotel)

Truffles Celebrations @ Prego, Fairmont Singapore

Black and White Truffles. The last few months they are in season! Are you a truffle fan? (Am not talking about truffle oil, that’s another debate by itself, nor am I talking about chocolate truffles, we are talking about real truffles here). This post is […]

Prego @ Fairmont Hotel

Recently, KopiKosongGirl and I have been revisiting places we have not gone for a long time. We both used to have the Feed at Raffles card, but now since we are one, we only need one! (sounds cheesy eh?) We used to come here often […]

Mooncakes – Fairmont Hotel : Szechuan Court Restaurant

This box of mooncakes also from Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel was given by one of our colleague’s brother to him. He shared it with us because he and his wife doesn’t take alcohol. These are the “Ping Pi” / Snowskin versions of mooncake made by […]

Mooncakes – Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel

This box of mooncakes was given by one of our vendors, Oracle. We have never got mooncakes from Oracle (Database), but we have always been getting mooncakes from Sun. Since Sun has become Oracle, we now get them Oracle (Sun). Confused? Anyway, Oracle gave us […]

Prego @ Fairmont Singapore

Last Saturday, Momo, sis and I, we went for brunch at Prego. Sis wanted to eat at Prego and we remember our Feed at Raffles card, so off we went. Here’s what we had. For starters, we had Caprese. $23 (yes, again!) We had watch […]