JAAN @ SwissĂ´tel The Stamford

We are back at Jaan for lunch and this time with another group of friends. This means it’s good company too, which makes a meal more interesting. The last time I was here was for dinner in October to celebrate 2 person’s birthday. It was […]

Lunch @ Jaan, Swissotel The Stamford

It’s rare on a weekday that I have lunch with my sis. We had taken leave because we had an appointment with Chef Julien Royer later in the afternoon to discuss what to prepare for the Bosch Dream Kitchen Contest we were participating in. Chef […]

Mooncakes – Fairmont Hotel : Szechuan Court Restaurant

This box of mooncakes also from Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel was given by one of our colleague’s brother to him. He shared it with us because he and his wife doesn’t take alcohol. These are the “Ping Pi” / Snowskin versions of mooncake made by […]

Mooncakes – Fairmont Hotel / Swissotel

This box of mooncakes was given by one of our vendors, Oracle. We have never got mooncakes from Oracle (Database), but we have always been getting mooncakes from Sun. Since Sun has become Oracle, we now get them Oracle (Sun). Confused? Anyway, Oracle gave us […]