Prego @ Fairmont Hotel

Recently, KopiKosongGirl and I have been revisiting places we have not gone for a long time. We both used to have the Feed at Raffles card, but now since we are one, we only need one! (sounds cheesy eh?) We used to come here often […]

Prego @ Fairmont Singapore

Earlier this month, I met up with a “writer friend” from KL whose blog is called “LifeForBeginners“. We have been reading each other’s blog and it’s the first time we met up. Kenny came with his partner CK, Momo came along too. It was so […]

Prego @ Fairmont Singapore

Last Saturday, Momo, sis and I, we went for brunch at Prego. Sis wanted to eat at Prego and we remember our Feed at Raffles card, so off we went. Here’s what we had. For starters, we had Caprese. $23 (yes, again!) We had watch […]

Bread of Life

This is a loaf of warm soft bread from Prego @ The Fairmount. I for one love this bread and love to dip it with the tangy tomato based dip they have or if you are like my sister, dip it in olive oil and […]

Prego @ Raffles The Plaza

Tonight, I went with Momo, my co-blogger, to have dinner. We settled to have dinner at Prego. It has been quite some time since we came here. One thing about Prego, is the nice warm bread they serve you when you arrive. You can have […]