Prego @ Fairmont Singapore

Last Saturday, Momo, sis and I, we went for brunch at Prego. Sis wanted to eat at Prego and we remember our Feed at Raffles card, so off we went.

Here’s what we had.

For starters, we had Caprese. $23 (yes, again!) We had watch the History Channel on Friday night, and there was this documentary about making cheese. We saw the menu and it had Buffalo Cheese, we just had to order it. You should try this too. The rockets, tomatoes and cheese goes so well. 🙂

We shared our mains. Spaghetti Vongole $25.
Sis and Momo love to eat this, they actually ordered one each. Right after we ordered, they changed their mind and thought we should have something else.

They decided to changed one vongole into pizza. This is the Prego Pizza $26.
Yes, the pharma ham with rockets on crispy thin crust. Lovely too…

You want some too?

I ordered the Risotto of the Day. Guess what it is? It’s Rabbit Risotto! $33 When I heard it, I just had to order it! haha…

Looks plain and boring right? But it’s actually quite tasty.

Everything’s all in small pieces, so here’s a scoop of it. Now at least you can see the rabbit and the asparagus. Ok Ok, I hear some of you say Italian porridge. haha…

It was a nice brunch. We realise we will come here every Easter!
With the Feed at Raffles card, the bill had a 33% off the food itams. So plus taxes etc, it was $84.38

6 thoughts on “Prego @ Fairmont Singapore”

  • Greetings from CanadaRockets on pizza? Never seen such a thing, not Boston Pizza, not Red Robin, not White Spot, not even the fast food joints like Pizza Hut. That is a strange pizza.The prices seems over priced, $33 for Rabbit Risotto? That is crazy.

  • team bsg,wat the greeny thingy tasty? LOL*puke* LOLkennymah,i might just send you a Singapura Makan Hari Hari bib! LOLwei,Rabbits nice. (btw, I am a Rabbit. haha..)anon:as HisFoodBlog says, it is quite common. I think rockets or arugula is getting common here. think in Australia, it’s even more common. everyone seems to order it all the time.hisfoodblog:the link looks yummy!

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