Truffles Celebrations @ Prego, Fairmont Singapore

Black and White Truffles. The last few months they are in season! Are you a truffle fan? (Am not talking about truffle oil, that’s another debate by itself, nor am I talking about chocolate truffles, we are talking about real truffles here).

This post is a little late, but better late than never. It’s only available till the end of January and you still have time to go for it. The best if you also happen to have the FAR card. (we no longer have it, but we dine at the restaurants that has discounts with our friend that has it haha..) FAR Carders get 20% off.

Each month since Nov 2013, Prego has around 10 truffle inspired dishes on the menu. This was a preview lunch courtesy of wonderful ladies at Swissotel/Fairmont Singapore and Chef Antonio Facchinetti and his team.

Prego - White Truffles Season

Chef Antonio Facchinetti brought out a glass and left it on the table for us and everyone’s camera zoomed in to take a photo of it! White truffles that gives the wonderful aroma and can hypnotize someone to do whatever you want.

Prego - White Truffles Season
Truffle Ricotta Cheese with Shaved White Truffle

A ricotta cheese fan? How about mixing it with some truffles? Then top it up with a shave of white truffle? This was a wonderful starter.

Prego - White Truffles Season

I love these little glass bottles, they look so pretty and food served in them seemed extra special. Sorry I went off topic, back to truffles.

Is there difference between black and white truffles? Yes. The flavours are the earthly and chocolately aroma of black truffles (Tuber melanosporum) vs the garlicky earthly aroma of white truffles (Tuber magnatum). There are also the Summer and Winter harvests which has differences in aroma too. There’s also the French vs Italian thing. You can find a whole afternoon reading about it if you want to find out more.

Prego - White Truffles Season

I was just happy to indulge in some ricotta with truffles with these freshly baked breads and sticks from the Prego kitchen!

Prego - White Truffles Season
Grilled Tomino Cheese, Endive Salad, White Truffle ($38)

I have not tried Tomino Cheese and it was the first time I had it and the cheese being grilled was  delicious. It was not ripened so there was no pungent smell and it was soft and creamy inside.

It went well with the endive salad. Crunchy fresh salads with oh the yummy white truffle shavings.

Prego - White Truffles Season
Tartare di Manzo, Acciughe, Uova Quaglia, Tartufo Bianco – Angus Beef Tartare, Anchovy, Quail Eggs, White Truffle ($40)

If you like beef tartare like me, you will love this. This is a more luxurious version of it with white truffle shavings. The aroma of it just makes the difference. I can eat two portions of it and feel extremely satisfied.

Prego - White Truffles Season

If you feel like having some wine, there are some fine selection to pick from.

Prego - White Truffles Season
Polenta Bianca, Roasted Foie Gras, Wild Mushrooms, White Truffle ($36)

For foie gras frans, you can order this and enjoy it with a very nice creamy polenta.

Prego - White Truffles Season
Risotto al Tartufo Bianco – White Truffle Risotto ($75 for entrée portion, $40 for appetiser portion)

This white truffle risotto will charm you with the seductive aroma. Nice warm risotto will bring out the aroma of the truffles. It goes together and you will be warm both in the tummy and heart.

Prego - White Truffles Season
Uova da Raviolo – Spinach, Parmesan, Ricotta Ravioli, Poached Egg, White Truffle ($38)

Don’t be deceived by this simple looking dish. Inside this huge ravioli is a poached egg!
Poached egg fans would be quite amazed by how it’s done! The poached egg rest on top a bed of spinach. Intriguing indeed!

Prego - White Truffles Season
Cotechino and Black Truffle Stuffed Whole Quail, Nebbiolo Sauce, Shaved White Truffle ($46)

We were all awaiting for this dish. A quail that’s been stuffed with cotechino. You won’t notice it until it’s being cut open.

Prego - White Truffles Season

It was delicious. The cotechino and black truffle with the quail. To put it simply, we need to get back here to have our own portion and not a shared portion. 😉

Prego - White Truffles Season
Poached Rhubarb with Wine Jelly, Vanilla Crema, Black Truffle Ice Cream and Cocoa Nibs ($30)

I am not a fan of rhubarb, that’s my brother’s kind of food. However, I am a fan of vanilla crema with the oh so delicious black truffle ice cream on top of it. That black truffle ice cream is just so good. The aroma as you smell it and taste it on your tongue. Only those who love truffles will know.

Prego - White Truffles Season
Black Truffle Meringue with Hazelnut Truffle Soil, Citrus Mint Cremeux and Passion Fruit Foam ($30)

This is the other pretty dessert that also taste quite nice. A lighter version compared to the dessert before this. Take your pick!

The menu changes each month from November, December and January.

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