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Mooncakes Season 2013 (Part II)

I had these photos in my camera and I thought I better post them before the season is over. We were playing with soft toys and food. Some of the mooncakes we had that was quite nice. Since I am posting it, I also have […]

Mooncakes Season 2013

The Mooncake season is almost here again and everyone’s starting to think of where to buy this season’s mooncakes from. Some people will stick to the same one and some will try new brands that they did not try last few years. This week, the […]

Mooncakes by Jewels Artisan Chocolate

Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Our doorbell sounded and there’s a guy outside with a nice little paper bag delivering a box of mooncakes to us! It’s delivery from one of our top 5 places for macarons in Singapore. A surprise from Jewels Artisan Chocolate.It’s not macarons this […]

Mooncakes – Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

Wishing all of you a very Happy Mid Autumn Festival. Here’s my final installment of 6 of the many mooncakes that colleagues and I have enjoyed these few weeks. I hope you have enjoyed reading about it too. This bag was brought into our office […]

Mooncakes – NCS

This box of mooncakes that looks like a tiny chest is from one of our vendors – NCS.We were curious who made it but there’s no indication anywhere on the box who manufactured them. We called them the NCS OEM mooncakes! When you opened it, […]