.Cuisine: Fast Food

Barcelos @ Holland Village

Met up with a few of our friends at Holland Village for dinner. The venue was stated as Barcelos in our sms and we were wondering where it is. Good thing I saw opposite Subway in the same sms, so I was not lost. It’s […]

Yakiniku Rice @ Mos Burger

I do indulge in fast food once in a while. I have not been to Mos Burger for a long long time. This was a quickly lunch with my teenage cousin. She said that what we are gonna eat is really really nice. I thought […]

Burger King @ IMM

This was last night’s dinner. Sis and I rushed to IMM from our home because we needed to get something before the shops closes. We got up the cab and cab driver asked which way, as usual we say to the driver: “You know best, […]

Fortune Feast @ KFC

Yes, I do eat KFC and no, this is not a sponsored post. 🙂 The TV advertisement got into me, and I wanted to eat Fried Chicken. So, yesterday, Momo, Sis and I had the Fortune Feast. $28.80. The advertisement had a bucket overflowing with […]

Mega McSpicy, Cornetto Chocolate Mcflurry @ Mcdonalds

While everyone’s out squeezing themselves in the shopping malls, the people in our household were sleeping till past 12 noon! We sleep quite a lot, our friends know about it. 🙂 After waking up late, we thought we would clean up the house. But we […]