Burger King @ IMM

This was last night’s dinner. Sis and I rushed to IMM from our home because we needed to get something before the shops closes.

We got up the cab and cab driver asked which way, as usual we say to the driver: “You know best, you choose the route”. Most cab drivers will go another way, and when this driver took another route, sis and I look at each other, (as if we go could communicate via the eye,) thinking this is another of those bring you round the island scammer. But we were so so wrong!

The driver’s route through Bukit Batok is actually one dollar cheaper than the usual route! When sis and I got down, we said, we thought it’s going to be a longer route, but this driver is one who really knows the route around. We were so wrong in judging people so early.

We were hungry and did not have much time, so we ate at Burger King. I think we said Hungry Jack’s. (Hungry Jack’s the name they used for BK in Australia.) It’s been a long time since we had BK because BK’s student’s food while studying long long ago. Our minds seems to have been wired to avoid it since we came back from Aust.

I saw that there’s a new burger. Spicy Tendercrisp. Sounds delicious so I ordered it.
Pardon the chilli sauce on the tray liner, do you all do that too? lol..

Spicy Tendercrisp

The burger…

Spicy Tendercrisp

The bun looks like a peach right? With the line in the middle!

Spicy Tendercrisp

After taking a few bites, I thought I should photographed it. lol
It’s juicy right? (or juice plus oil haha)

Spicy Tendercrisp

Sis wanted the Whopper. But when I ordered it they said Whopper’s run out! “Wah. Can run out one ah?” So I ordered the Whopper Jr for her instead.

Whopper Junior

Why do burgers look better on photos than they really taste? LOL…

Whopper Junior

Have a great weekend!

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