.Area: Jurong East / IMM

Eat at Taipei @ JCube

A colleague told us about this new Taiwanese eatery when we asked what was nice in JCube. After being tempted by her descriptions, we thought why not go immediately to try it? So off we went in a colleague’s MPV to JCube. For those who […]

Jade Garden @ Chevrons Club

The Chevrons. Other than chalets and “eMart” that most people associate it with, do you know there’s a nice elegant Chinese Restaurant called Jade Garden located on the 3rd floor? Jade Garden’s opened by a brother and sister team, Chris and Jenny Eng. Jenny has […]

7th Storey Hainan Cafe @ IMM

This was dinner at 7th Storey Hainan Cafe. If you are wondering, it’s related to the 7th Storey Restaurant at Marina Barage, it is. The branch at IMM is the ‘Hainan Cafe’ of the group. The following were what we ordered from the “Hainan Specialties” […]

Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room

On warm nights, you just want to spend your time in shopping centres and have dinner there too.This was dinner a few nights ago at Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room at IMM. Are you a chicken wing fan? If you are, you might want […]

Crystal Jade Dining Place @ IMM

You know us! If there’s an occasion to celebrate we will! This is our Mother’s Day lunch treat for our aunt. We went to IMM, because Aunt said Uncle likes IMM because of the free parking! Parking fees at other places now is horrendous! We […]