Fortune Feast @ KFC

Yes, I do eat KFC and no, this is not a sponsored post. 🙂

The TV advertisement got into me, and I wanted to eat Fried Chicken. So, yesterday, Momo, Sis and I had the Fortune Feast. $28.80.

The advertisement had a bucket overflowing with chicken. But it sure did not fill this bucket that I had. 🙂

The fortune feast bucket.

It still had 8 pieces. We had a mix of original and crispy. Lots of drumsticks inside because we did not want to wait for the next batch to be ready.

8 pieces of chicken. (Original and Spicy)

The feast comes with this Golden Delights Snack Platter.

Golden Delights Snack Platter

There’s pop corn chicken (which is the nicest of the lot here), Golden Shrimp Coins (too little shrimp but more batter taste), and Crispy Strips.

Popcorn Chicken, Golden Shrimp Coins, Crispy Strips

The coleslaw. Medium. I think they should upgrade it to a large.


A medium potato. Anyone of you think that the sauce is different nowadays? I thought they use to taste nicer.

Mash Potato

They initially forgot these Hong Baos. After eating halfway, I remembered, one of the reason I wanted to eat KFC was because I was ‘tempted’ by their advert that says I could win $888. (ya right… LOL)

Lucky Hong Bao

What did I get? $1 off a 2 pcs meal.
In fact, all 4 Hong Baos were the $1 off kind. (I guess they did not shuffle the cards? haha)

Wow, I won something..

The advert has 2 grandparents, dad, mum and daughter having the meal. This will only feed 3 persons. Drinks not included.

Compare this version above to their advert at hehe…

5 thoughts on “Fortune Feast @ KFC”

  • Hahaha…about the advertisement. Of course only 3 get to eat (dad, mom and daughter) because grandparents are avoiding oily and fried food at their age..hehehe. You give me an idea, I think I might just buy KFC for my contribution for 2nd day of CNY gathering with siblings in case I am lazy to cook. But I will still make my agar agar.

  • I had that feast recently as well. I thought the food was bad. KFC is not as nice as it used to be. The gravy for the potato tastes different. The chicken tastes different and this time it was fried too long and it was tough. The coleslaw has a funny powered milk taste, the popcorn chicken was mostly fried batter and the shrimp coins were cold and tasted like rotten mashed shrimp glued together. I spat it out immediately. KFC sucks. Pity because I used to love it.

  • I actually just had KFC the other day. It’s been over a year since I had KFC.I ordered the dinner platter — 2 thighs and 2 drums, 2 sides and a biscuit + a soda for US$8. [How much is that in S$?] The chicken were a tat on the greasy side so after 2 pieces, I was done. I had the other 2 pieces for lunch the next day.

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