Yakiniku Rice @ Mos Burger

I do indulge in fast food once in a while. I have not been to Mos Burger for a long long time. This was a quickly lunch with my teenage cousin. She said that what we are gonna eat is really really nice.

I thought I will save on calories and ordered Diet Coke. Ah Pui! So synthetic tasting. But the design of the made is bearable. LOL. Their design on the cups are so simple and yet it looks nice ya? It’s what I call a ‘muji’ look.

Mos Burger

If you like thin fries, most people will say go for McDonald’s fries.
If you like real potato and not processed flour shaped into fries, go to Carl’s Jr.
But if you like thick fries, or some call it chips, then you should go for Mos Burger’s.

Mos Burger Fries

They are quite tasty chips.

But they are not as nice as the ones in KFC Australia. Eating these chips suddenly reminds me of the KFC Australia chips my classmates and I used to eat in Melbourne. Their chips are topped with onion, salt, garlic, pepper and sugar powder. They taste absolutely delicious! (Anyone who has eaten them?)

Mos Burger Fries

OK, back to Mos Burger. This is the burger that my cousin said is really nice. The Yakiniku Rice burger. It’s packed so nicely too!

Yakiniku Rice

When you open the wrapper, you get to see juicy and yummy beef!

But they are packed in a way that the meat’s all on top. It takes skills to eat this burger so that your last mouth will still have meat and rice. I am not one of the skilled ones. I end up eating the beef first and ended with two slices of rice cakes.

Only teenagers like my cousin who eat this often know how to eat it till your last mouth has still some beef and rice cakes.

Yakiniku Rice

You can get them at Mos Burger outlets island wide. They have shrimp burgers too, but my cousin said, nah, those are not nice. hehe..

9 thoughts on “Yakiniku Rice @ Mos Burger”

  • Omg, the yakiniku burger looks SO good! But I don't take beef, do they have it in other meat? Aww, really wanna try it out. Don't think they have this place in Malaysia.

  • oh boy, is this burger consider good? quality of mos burger in sg is below average if u compared to other oversea outlets…

    let's put aside about the poor services in mos burger sg.
    yakiniku burger itself could come with stone cold yakiniku & rotten overcooked vegetable in some outlets in sg….

    poor management system of mass hiring inexperience part timers to run the outlet is a Big NO NO….

    This caused mos burger having same standard with McD in sg….

  • Singapore Photography,
    There are lots of good places to eat elsewhere too. Ya, there's abundance here.

    There are other burgers to try…

    Well, the one we had was good. The burger was very freshly made. But we had to wait like 10 mins for the burger to be ready. Yup, that's the bad part. Not for people in a hurry!

    The outlet I had was at West Mall.

  • Im a MOS addict and I mus say e efficient service is at Shaw Centre..haha..erm now im a shrimp fan LOL but dere are onli 2 tings i go 4, the fat fries n milk tea..!! *bliss* =D

    Carl's Jr is lip-smackin with the cheese fries n whoppin burgers…slurp…
    Subway is favourably good too..
    BK…eh so-so la..
    Mac n KFC meals n services are gettin borin yrs n yrs *yawn*
    Long John Slivers outlets are the worst evr..!!! Slow like loris and the meals are ever so limp…

  • The burger is indeed a succulent dish on its own. However, since you're blog is open to the public eye… I'd brush up on my grammar if I were you. Singaporeans and Malaysians are held in the highest regard to our English prowess; and its burns the eyes and senses to see such poor use of grammar.

    Make your countrymen proud. Buy a dictionary. It'll be your best investment yet.

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