.Cuisine: Fast Food

Carls Jr @ Suntec City

Just the other day, I had ‘dinner’ with my bro at Carl’s Junior. Sis and I have always wonder why he got to have his dose Carl’s Jr weekly! I called it inverted ‘dinner’ because I had a super huge lunch and could not really […]

Pizza de France

We have a committee in my department who organizes almost monthly makan sessions for the entire department. Purpose is for everyone to gather together for lunch, as we found that its tough for everyone in the department to sit together and mingle over meals. The […]

Lunch @ NUS Engineering Canteen

Oh.. we realise that food prices have gone up in all the canteens in NUS! Prices have gone up between 20-50 cents depending on the food and stalls. But I guess it’s still one of the affordable places to eat for people working in NUS/NUH/Science […]

Mcdonalds @ NUS Engineering Canteen

It has somehow become a routine. When we have lunch at the NUS Engineering canteen, we will end up at Mcdonalds having ‘desserts’. We were tempted to go in by the advertisements. They have spicy Mcnuggets and Onion Rings now. We did not really like […]

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits @ Singapore Flyer

Momo and I walked to Singapore Flyer to see what we can eat there. Walking around we saw that this is the most popular place. So we decided to give it a try. We did not know how to order, but we thought 4 pieces […]