.Area: Anchorpoint / Alexandra Village / Bukit Merah / Ikea

Jason Penang Cuisine @ ABC Brickworks Food Centre

Part of today’s lunch. ‘Wire’ drove us to ABC Brickworks Food Centre today. We know that there is this famous ‘shao la’ stall there. We kinda stop eating it because they probably got complacent after being quite famous. Not sure if the rest of you […]

Zhou’s Kitchen @ Anchorpoint

Last month, I posted a similar ‘pig out’ at Zhou’s Kitchen. That was for cousin’s birthday. This time it’s aunt’s birthday and she wants to go back there. This time however we are trying from another branch of Zhou’s Kitchen, the Anchorpoint branch. Here’s an […]

Ikea Dining @ Ikea Alexandra

It’s furniture shopping days these few weeks. Our family moved to a new place recently and we have been very busing packing and unpacking. Two days ago, we ordered some furniture from the Scanteak warehouse sale in the morning. In the afternoon, we continued our […]

Poh Cheu @ Alexandra Village

Sis, Momo and I had lunch at Alexandra Village and after lunch on a Saturday, we saw this long queue. Sis asked what’s the queue about, I told her it’s the famous Ang Ku Kway stall. Sis thought of aunt who loves these kueh kueh […]

Eating @ Blk 124 Alexandra Village

This was lunch a few days ago with colleagues. One colleague wanted to eat the “No-name long queue fish soup”. We expected the long queue, but 3 of us decided we shall not queue. So, ‘almond jelly’ ordered Ipoh Horfun and was already eating, it […]