Zhou’s Kitchen

Gastromania Feast @ Far East Square: Zhou’s Kitchen

This post is part of the Gastromania Feast @ Far East Square organised by Omy.Sg that quite a few bloggers and I indulged in a food marathon on 9 July 2011. You can read more about Gastromania Feast @ Far East Square at http://blog.omy.sg/let-the-feast-begin  Visit […]

Zhou’s Kitchen @ Square 2

This was Sunday lunch at Zhou’s Kitchen, Square 2. Aunt had some rebate vouchers from dining here previously and thought we would use it today. But we did not read the fine prints on the voucher. Vouchers can only be used on weekdays! haha.. So […]

Zhou’s Kitchen @ Anchorpoint

Last month, I posted a similar ‘pig out’ at Zhou’s Kitchen. That was for cousin’s birthday. This time it’s aunt’s birthday and she wants to go back there. This time however we are trying from another branch of Zhou’s Kitchen, the Anchorpoint branch. Here’s an […]

Zhou’s Kitchen @ Square 2 (Part II)

Part II of the High tea buffet. When you sit down, you get this basket of delicious keropok!Keropokman LOVES these keropok! They go so so well with the thai style chilli sauce. yum! 😉 The drunken chicken.It was nice, but if it was colder it […]

Zhou’s Kitchen @ Square 2

We were invited to our cousin’s birthday tea at Zhou’s Kitchen during the past weekend. Happy Birthday E! Uncle and Aunt booked the tea buffet at Square 2. Look at the price for the buffet. It’s quite reasonable right?The food’s not too bad too. It’s […]