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Poh Cheu @ Alexandra Village

Sis, Momo and I had lunch at Alexandra Village and after lunch on a Saturday, we saw this long queue. Sis asked what’s the queue about, I told her it’s the famous Ang Ku Kway stall.

Sis thought of aunt who loves these kueh kueh stuff. We thought, we shall be nice nephew and niece and buy them some afternoon snack on the way home.

Yes, the queue’s long…….
But it clears very fast. It’s just point point and pack pack, so you don’t really wait that long.

Momo had this pack of Koo Chai Kueh for her parents.

Sis and I were a bit ‘mad’. We ordered one of each thing that they sell.
Our cousin loves sticky rice, so this is for her. Cousin loved it very much.

Aunt loves the “serng pua chee”, the Yam Cakes shaped like Abacus, so this is for her too.

This box had the assortment of kueh kueh. The pink rice cake. Below it is the Yam Cake, Koo Chai Kueh, Soon Kueh, etc…

And their assortment of “ang ku kueh”. They have all kinds of flavours, durian included! (the yellow one).

Other flavours includes Mango, Peanut, Green Bean, Yam, Salted Bean, Coconut, Red Bean, Coffee & Green Tea)

Poh Cheu
Block 127 Bukit Merah Lane 1
Singapore 150127

Hours: 8 am – 6 pm, (Closed on Sun & Public Holiday)

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