Ikea Food

Ikea Restaurant @ Ikea Alexandra

One of the places that I love to have a meal is Ikea. It’s always the same things so I have not been posting photos of it. I thought I saw something different, so here are some new photos for updates 😉 The Swedish meatballs […]

Ikea Restaurant @ Alexandra

This was dinner at Ikea Restaurant @ Alexandra. If you are a Ikea Friends Card member, you would most probably have this postcard from them giving you specially discounted “Swedish Meatballs”  or “Poached Salmon” dishes. Yes, that’s the reason why we are at Ikea. What […]

Tea Time @ Ikea Alexandra

Sis and I were at Ikea to grab some stuff for our home. So while we were there, we got our ‘free’ drinks. Sis saw the Ikea Friend’s meal was the meat balls and decided to get them. ($5) Notice anything different? There’s no potatoes! […]

Ikea Dining @ Ikea Alexandra

It’s furniture shopping days these few weeks. Our family moved to a new place recently and we have been very busing packing and unpacking. Two days ago, we ordered some furniture from the Scanteak warehouse sale in the morning. In the afternoon, we continued our […]

Ikea Restaurant @ Alexandra

I think only in Singapore that people go to Ikea not for furniture shopping but for food! Do you belong to this category of people? 🙂 Anyway, a colleague wanted to buy an ironing board to replace the one at home that broke into 2! […]