Jason Penang Cuisine @ ABC Brickworks Food Centre

Part of today’s lunch. ‘Wire’ drove us to ABC Brickworks Food Centre today.

We know that there is this famous ‘shao la’ stall there. We kinda stop eating it because they probably got complacent after being quite famous. Not sure if the rest of you think so, but our taste buds tells us so.

So we tried other food, but it was unmemorable too. The worse thing was that the rice that ‘dpuk’ and I had from one stall was hard, probably did not add enough water. Don’t they taste their own food I wonder?

But the saving grace was this Penang Char Kuey Teow we shared. It was delicious. ‘Wire’ who recommended it, bought us a plate to try. Nice….. The rest of us will be back to try other stuff now that we have tasted their CKT and it’s not bad. 🙂

jason penang cuisine @ ABC Market

Note from wire is that you need to order the ‘large’ portion. The small is too small for most people. 🙂

Penang Char Kuey Teow

We was also happy because we discovered a stall that still sells $1 cendol! It was quite nice too! Smooth ice and loads of gula melaka. hehe…

Jason Penang Cuisine
ABC Brickworks Market and Food Centre
Stall #01-113
6 Jalan Bukit Merah
Singapore 150006

10 thoughts on “Jason Penang Cuisine @ ABC Brickworks Food Centre”

  • tigerfish,
    ya. but good food don't need to eat a lot. you are already happy eating it 😉

    I shall try it the next time I go there. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Except the Penang Buffet at York? hehe..

    I can't remember the stall number. it's the dessert stall that is not too far from this Penang Stall. Opposite and maybe 6-7 stalls away.

  • i would say the jason stall pg food is soso only, they used to open after 1230pm when we're there having lunch at 12pm.
    only the laksa and hokkien prawn noodle looks authentic.

    also in Jurong Point new extension (near Oldtown), there's a Penang food at the Red Laquer. not fantastic but they have decent Pg food variety and buffet there as well. But was a bit disapointed with their food at 2nd try.

    @ABC mkt, there's also a nive affordable western food Wild Wild West with ex-convicts as the staff (yellow ribbon project), one of them was scary and fierce with tattoos asking if you still want the ketchup/chilli sauce or he will take it back…

  • a penang stall, formerly from bukit gombak/bk panjang has moved to Bukit Timah Market adn Food Centre. 02-201. sells Char Koay teow and Penang hokkien mee (soup). long qs on weekends, be prepared to wait.

    name of the stall 133 Penang Authentic

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