Zhou’s Kitchen @ Anchorpoint

Last month, I posted a similar ‘pig out’ at Zhou’s Kitchen. That was for cousin’s birthday. This time it’s aunt’s birthday and she wants to go back there.

This time however we are trying from another branch of Zhou’s Kitchen, the Anchorpoint branch.

Here’s an aerial view of the delicious food we had. The 10 of us ate so much. We were being filled, filled till we want no more!

Buffet Hi Tea at Zhou's Kitchen

Shall not make this too long. There are just too many photos when you eat a buffet. Just posting some photos of the food that we particularly liked.

The keropok of course! With the sweet chilli sauce.


The century egg pickled dish. We sure had many portions of this.

Century Egg Pickle

This was another favourite, we like the garlicy taste of it. The sauce and the pork slices just is so appetizing.

Garlic White Pork Slices

The Ngor Hiong and the sweet chilli sauce.

Ngo Hiong

The Char Siu Pow is nice. So is this Char Siu Sou.

Char Siu Sou

These mini egg tarts are a real hit! The little ones sure like it a lot!

Mini Egg Tarts

I like French Beans, so of course I’ll say it’s nice.

Fried French Beans

I am not a fan of this, but many people on the table liked it. Ku Chai Pastry. I think Ku Chai is a very acquired taste!

Ku Chai Pastry

Many liked the cold meats too. This is the sliced cold beef. The drunken chicken was not too bad too.

Cold Meat

If you have more than 6 eating, you get this crab.

Steamed Crab

For dessert, this was once hot favourite. Peanut Tang Yuan.
We also loved the mango and guiling gao dessert.

Peanut Tang Yuan

There seems to be many buffets going around. Eat in moderation!
Happy Birthday Aunt!

Zhou’s Kitchen @ Anchorpoint
368 Alexandra Road
The Copperdome, Anchorpoint
Singapore 159952

Tel: 6473 1123

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  • My father is a huge fan of french beans and I always try to make it for him whenever we see my parents. He has yet to be fully blown away by any of the recipes i've tried. Simplicity is key, and yours looks perfect! Can't wait to try it. thank you for shearing your post.

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