The Orange Thimble @ Tiong Bahru

We have been to the Orange Thimble a few times and we like this place. I just realised we only go there on Saturdays because it’s not really near where we live. It’s also not that difficult to get a place, just wait a while and people will leave after their coffee or food. [So in return, when you see people come and you have finished your food, leave….. 😉 ]

It’s a little artsy place, where you see pieces of art that’s used as deco, but it has a price tag on it, so you can buy it if you want. It’s an art gallery and cafe in one. It looks more like a cafe to me. Not sure if there’s an art gallery upstairs.

When you get in here, it’s casual, look for your own place to sit. There’s a ‘backyard’ behind where it is not air-conditioned, and a few ‘corners’ that you can ‘hide’ away for a while. We seem to always sit on the long table in front where there is ‘air-con’ and it’s near the food.

The Orange Thimble
Their tea range is from Naturalis range. After a while, you know the various brands that most people source from.  Plus a cute lil sugar biscuit on the sides.

The Orange Thimble
KopiKosongGirl is a coffee person, she says it’s ordinary, she likes the atmosphere here. The crowd that comes is the quiet kind. You do not need to speak loudly.

(The nicer coffee KKG says is a few street away, but that place is more noisy)

In our previous visits, we had their big breakfast. It’s probably one of the cheaper one around, but we think it’s so so especially the sausages. We think because of the price, it’s a good deal though.

The Orange Thimble
This more recent visit, we saw the quiche and it tempted us. This was the spinach and tomato quiche. It was quite packed with spinach and somehow it was just tasty.

The Orange Thimble
This was the Raspberry Pie. It was freshly baked so we thought we would try it upon the recommendation from the service staff. We would expect it to be a little sour, a little tart and yet sweet, but it was really really sweet! We find it a bit too sweet for our tastebuds, but for those who like sweet stuff, it’s probably your kind of fruit pie.

The Orange Thimble
The Shepherd’s Pie. It will take some time to prepare, but it will be worth the wait.

We liked this. The mince below was not too wet, not heavily salted, it had enough spices added that took away the gamey smell of meat. The potato on top was the smooth type. Worth the calories.

The Orange Thimble
This was simply awesome. It seems this has become our personal favourite, we will have it whenever we visit this place. It’s the Hazelnut Dacquoise (Rich Valrhona Chocolate & Hazelnut Meringue). It’s like having a huge slab or frozen cold nutella with nice rich chocolate added to it. It’s very sweet, but because it has chocolate and hazelnut, we like this kind of sweetness. We came once with a friend’s little kid and the little girl liked it!

It’s a cosy and laid back place. The few times we were there, fellow diners are the more toned down crowd, enjoying their time reading books or swiping their fingers on their gadgets. Despite the so so coffee, KKG says we will be back again for another quiet weekend.

The Orange Thimble
56 Eng Hoon Street
Singapore 160056

Tel: 6223 8068
Hours: Sun, Tues, Wed, Thurs: 9am – 9.30pm / Fri, Sat: 9am- 11pm / Mon: Closed


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