Menya Musashi @ Raffles City

KopiKosongGirl, her sister-in-law and I decided one day we shall join the queue after resisting it. There seems to be always a queue at Menya Musashi and after sometime you do get curious and wonder how good it is!

This very popular ramen shop in Tokyo looks equally popular in Singapore!

Menya Musashi @ Raffles City
The queue might be long, but it does not really take that long. Probably around 15-20 minutes of waiting that day. You can browse through the menu which they will give out. You can also eavesdrop on what others tell their dining partners about the ramen here.

Or you can also google about it and see what others say about this place while waiting. We were busy on instagram 😉

Menya Musashi @ Raffles City
After a while, someone walks over and ask us what we would like and takes our order and gives this order chit to us.

You can see what’s in the menu in this chit. Basically, they have White Musashi, Black Musashi and Red Musashi. Then choose if you want Kanuni (Stewed Pork) or Cha Shu.

When they seat you, you don’t have to wait long for your food to arrive.

Menya Musashi @ Raffles City
The Crispy Gyoza. (5 for $5.90)
Sis loves gyozas and always orders them. They were crispy, quite tasty but we found it very tiny.

Menya Musashi @ Raffles City
The Black Kanuni Ramen ($14.90)
Sis had this and found the ramen not ‘q’ enough for her liking. It’s a bit ‘soaked’ she said. She likes the broth though, but thinks mine is better.

I tried some of the broth, it’s like it has a bit of the ‘flour’ taste in it.

The Kanuni is nice, soft and well marinated and if you like stewed pork you will probably like it. It not all lean meat, but with some fatty layers which makes it nice to eat. 

Menya Musashi @ Raffles City
The White Cha Shu Ramen ($12.90)
KopiKosongGirl had this she also said her noodles were a bit too soft and she would have preferred it more al-dante. She loved the broth though. I think it also has some ‘flour’ taste because of the noodles, but she found it nice for her.

The Cha Shu that she had and mine was really enjoyable. Round thin slices of meat that taste a bit like the salty bottom section on a good piece of roast pork. It smells like it and taste like it.

Menya Musashi @ Raffles City
I had the dry version. The Tsukemen ($14.90)
I like the Cha Shu, really yummy! If you like your ramen more ‘q’, this version is good.
In fact, sis and KKG both preferred my noodles.

Menya Musashi @ Raffles City
Oh yes, for your noodles, you can choose the serving size.
3x has 360g of noodles and it’s very very filling. The next time I would probably only try 2x!

A friend who had recently went wanted to try the 5x and it’s like 600g, madness trying to finish it!

Menya Musashi @ Raffles City
You can choose the broth for the Tsukemen, either white, black or red.
I chose the red and I find it really tasty! Sis like I said earlier, preferred the red as well.
Quite salty I would say but addictive. It’s thicker than the soup version, more concentrated.

Menya Musashi @ Raffles City
I did not want to waste the noodles and since I took the challenge to order the 3x, I made sure I finished it all!

The eggs here as you can see seems more cooked and does not flow. I still liked it because I love eggs. There are places with nicer eggs.

We think the broth at Keisuke Tonkotsu King that we tried recently was nicer. The meats like stewed pork and cha shu here is much better thatn Keisuke though. It’s really tasty and flavourful here.

We like that this place as is very comfortable and relaxing unlike most ramen shop which is cramp and very warm. We will be back for another visit.

Menya Musashi
252 North Bridge Road
01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103

Tel: 63356500
Hours: 11.30am to 10pm daily.


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