Osteria Mozza Sunday Bellini Brunch @ Marina Bay Sands

We have been to Pizzeria Mozza a few times since it opened, bringing friends and family to try their delightful pizzas and other specialties. This was the first time KopiKosongGirl and I went to the sister restaurant Osteria Mozza.

This time we were here at the invitation of Osteria Mozza / Marina Bay Sands. The day we went for brunch here was also the day before our wedding anniversary. We were there to try their Bellini Brunch. No PR folks around, just the two of us enjoying a nice quiet lunch, like how you all will be when you visit them.

The photos are a bit dim, because the place had warm lighting and we did not want to disturb other diners with flash photography.

Osteria Mozza iPhone Photos
Osteria Mozza Singapore is the first Osteria Mozza in the world to open its doors for brunch. The entire menu will be from the original creations of Nancy Silverton.

The brunch starts at $45 per person, that comes with Ariana’s Pastry Assortment and a main dish.
Some mains have a $10 supplement. 

Osteria Mozza @ Marina Bay Sands
When you enter, you will see this huge display of pastries that’s part of the Ariana’s Pastry selection that’s part of the menu. It looks so tempting doesn’t it? We felt like trying everything!

Osteria Mozza @ Marina Bay Sands
What’s a Bellini brunch without having a Bellini?

There was 3 choices in the menu, White Peach + Prosecco / Blood Orange + Prosecco / Torresella Prosecco NV.  It’s $50 free flow or $18 for a glass.

We tried the White Peach and Blood Orange. We like the white peach better for both our taste buds. KopiKosongGirl says she white peach went down her throat so smoothly.

Osteria Mozza @ Marina Bay Sands
The selection of 4 pastry that were presented to us. We are not sure if we can choose it ourselves, but we liked what was chosen for us. We had a raspberry tart, cinnamon roll, chocolate croissant and apple turnover. The raspberry tarts and chocolate rolls were our favourites!

We saw 9 different mains on the menu and wondered what was nice.We happened to have Mr Will Simons the GM, walked to our table and we asked him for his recommendation.

Osteria Mozza @ Marina Bay Sands
KopiKosongGirl decided on Smoked Sea Trout Cakes Benedict. KopiKosongGirl was pretty happy with her order. The smoked sea trout cakes were light and firm (not crumbly). It had a nice aroma that tempted her. The poached eggs had nice runny yolks and the hollandaise sauce made it perfect.

It rested on a bed of rucola. We thought it was a bed of spinach, but it did not taste like spinach and not the usual arugula. It was very nice.

She was saying to me, if only it was dungeness crabs, it would be her dream to go back to US and have it again!  

Osteria Mozza @ Marina Bay Sands
I had the Roasted Pork alla Toscana. I could not resist when I saw the word roasted pork. It was served with a poached egg, cranberry beans and cavolo nero.

The pork had skin that was nice and crispy. It was very nice and juicy inside, not like our local roast pork. The crispy skin had been partially cut so it curls when the skin shrink after roasting. Looks gorgeous and had such a nice roast pork aroma. The green veg on the side is cavolo nero. It’s from the same family as kale, and it seems the Italians love it. I liked it too, probably because it was not bitter like spinach sometimes and had a nice texture.

The poached egg contained a runny yolk and I love eggs done this way. I used the yolk as a dip for part of the pork. 

Contorni (side dishes)

OsteOsteria Mozza @ Marina Bay SandsriaMozza5
This was the Sauteed Wild Mushrooms ($21). I like mushrooms so I ordered this. It was lightly sauteed but was quite generous with salt. A little salty if you nibble it on its own. Goes well with our mains.

If you have it with the bellini, it goes rather well. We were sipping bellini and nibbling on this! Can’t stop!

Osteria Mozza @ Marina Bay Sands
We thought this was rather unique so we ordered it. It’s Maple Sage Sausages ($15).
It’s slightly sweet sausages and had extra fried sage on top as well. I liked the taste of it.

You won’t believe it when I tell you the following dish was from the diners sitting beside us. We made new friends while dining here. When our mains were served, 3 persons got seated on the table beside us. They were staying at the hotel and had dinner the night before. They were back and the same service staff served them. They were saying to the service staff: “you are still here”?

We did not eavesdrop, but we could hear it so clearly. They said they liked the food the night before and ordered quite a bit from the dinner menu. The Exec Chef David even came out and said hi and welcome them back! They must have ordered quite a lot the previous night! It was 2 sisters and one lady’s husband. Looking at the brunch menu, they saw what we ordered and asked the service staff how it is.

I could not help it but we told them that it was nice and described it as I mentioned it above. Suddenly we were chatting like old friends. We know each other by first name now and we talked about food we have around the world. They have lived in many places around the world!

In the end, they ordered everything we had and few more! We had the same bellinis too!
The only thing we did not say as usual is that we have a food blog. 🙂

Osteria Mozza iPhone Photos
This was the Baked Eggs and Tripe alla Parmigiana. When this dish arrived at our neighbour’s table, before touching it, they said to us, please have some of it. We declined, it’s not nice to have other’s food!

Having undergone training to entertain dignitaries for YOG previously, when you have been offered to take things 3 times, accept it on the 4th time to show that you respect them and wont be labelled as rude. We were so embarrassed!

If you like tribe, this was delicious. It’s a little spicy, but tasted rather good. Their server who happens to be ours too, brought us new plates so that we could take some. She told us, this is Osteria Mozza! (oh ok… never experience this before in Singapore. haha)

She told us the tripe has been slowly cooked for hours that is why it is so soft. There’s also no strong offal smell because it has been boiled in vanilla water. It was nice!

What an interesting lunch we had!

Osteria Mozza’s brunch menu starts from S$45++ per person onwards.
Reservations can be made at +65 6688 8522 or mozza-reservations@marinabaysands.com.
Brunch is available on Sundays from 12:00pm – 2:00pm.
Dinner service continues at 5:00pm – 11:00pm daily.

Osteria Mozza
10 Bayfront Avenue
Level B1, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018956

Tel: +65 6688 8522
Brunch (Sundays) 12 noon – 2 pm.
Dinner 5:30pm to 11pm daily.


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