Eat at Taipei @ JCube

A colleague told us about this new Taiwanese eatery when we asked what was nice in JCube. After being tempted by her descriptions, we thought why not go immediately to try it? So off we went in a colleague’s MPV to JCube.

For those who is wondering where is JCube, it’s the previous Jurong Entertainment Centre that has been demolished and rebuilt. When you get to JCube, Eat at Taipei is located beside the ice skating rink on level 3.

Though the place looks packed, we did not have to wait long to be seated.
We were seated just next to the rink so we got to see people skating while we ate.

When we got seated, we were presented the menu, but were were told quite a few things on the menu is not available yet. It will be available soon. It’s a pity we could not try more stuff. It’s always more interesting to go out in bigger groups and order more stuff to share (and also split the bill).

Eat at Taipei
One colleague ordered the Oyster Mee Suah. This guy loves oysters and when he saw the above, he was a bit sad. He saw 2 oysters floating above and told us straight away he needs a second lunch. When he put his chopsticks in, he suddenly smiled, he said there were 6 mid size oysters hidden inside! He still wished there were more mee suah though.

I did not take photos of the other dishes that the rest of us ate. Everyone’s hungry and I did not want deprive even 5 seconds of their time to fill themselves up. Some of us had the braised pork belly noodles, braised pork rice etc.

Eat at Taipei
This was my Spicy Taiwanese Braised Beef Noodles. ($9.90)

It’s not really spicy, probably a light hint only. The beef were not spectacular, but it was still quite nice. It had been braised till it was soft. The daikon too was well braised. The soup does not look thick, but it was flavourful though. It’s also not salty, so I could finish all the soup!

Another colleague who had the same too, enjoyed it too and also finished it happily.

Eat at Taipei
This next dish has a very inauspicious name. It’s called the Tainan ‘Coffin’ Toast. ($8.90)
It’s a very thick slice of bread that has been fried, the top cut along three sides, part of the bread digged out and filled with seafood in white creamy sauce.

I like the bread but not really what was inside. It’s because I personally don’t like my bread soggy. But the rest seemed to like it. They love bread soaked with the creamy sauce. The seafood inside were prawns, sotong and fish slices.

Be warned, it can be quite messy! 

Eat at Taipei
This was the Spring Onion Oyster Pancake.

I did not really like it. If you are those who prefer the taiwanese style of ‘or chien’ with the gooey kind of texture, you will like this. Our colleague who likes the oysters liked it. 🙂

We would probably go back again when we could try more things in the menu.

eat at taipei
2 Jurong East Central 1
#03-18, JCube
Singapore 609731

Tel: 65 66843032
Hours 12pm – 10pm daily


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