Arkadas Cafe @ Fusionopolis

My colleagues and I felt bored eating at our regular lunch place and someone suggested something more exotic. Someone suggested trying out Turkish food at Fusionopolis. We thought why not? So we took the Circle Line train to Fusionopolis station.

We were glad we came early just before 12 noon. It was because to our surprise, this Turkish food cafe was so popular. There was about two big groups of people, probably some research group from A*Star having their lunch.  The other tables were also quite occupied. (This place is not very big by the way.)

Arkadas Cafe @ Fusionopolis (Turkish Food)
One colleague who had been to Turkey ordered this Turkish Tea $2 to start her meal.
I did not try it, so I did not know how it taste. I should have ordered one too!

Arkadas Cafe @ Fusionopolis (Turkish Food)
We shared a Houmus with Pita Bread ($6.50)
The houmus made was nice, in fact, as we ate it, we seemed to enjoy it even more. We wiped it clean! (We noticed the spelling was houmus, probably the Turkish spelling of hummus.)

Arkadas Cafe @ Fusionopolis (Turkish Food)
The pita bread that comes with it was not what we usually expect when we see pita bread.
It was a thick roll of bread instead of flat pita we usually see. It was served warm too. Somehow it went so well with the houmus. We literally keep pinching bits of it to scoop up the houmus.

As usual, we have a colleague who will flip and flip the menu deciding what to eat. The menu was only a thick piece of paper folded in two, so there was not much to flip anyway. (I am sure you have colleagues like this or this might be you!)

Arkadas Cafe @ Fusionopolis (Turkish Food)
So he finally decided to have the Set Lunch. There was two sets and he went for Set A ($10).

Set A consists of Doner Chicken Kebab & Butter Rice, Green Salad and Soup of the Day.
It was Mushroom soup that day, which our picky colleague smiled when he tasted it.

Arkadas Cafe @ Fusionopolis (Turkish Food)
The kebab did look quite appetizing and smell very good too. The portion of meat was good too. If you are expecting more greens, well the above was what you will get. It comes with a good portion of rice too.

Arkadas Cafe @ Fusionopolis (Turkish Food)
I ordered something called the Musakka ($10) because it had such an exotic name.
The description of this dish on the menu was Minced beef tossed with green capsicum and tomatoes.

It was a bit like baked rice. Minced beef at the bottom, then aubergines over the minced beef and there was big red chillies (which I think was their capsicum, though it’s red instead of green) and tomatoes topped with cheese.

As I have not tasted it before, I could not imagine the taste. It’s something that you will grow to like if you are an aubergine person. I know this is not what KopiKosongGirl will eat.

Arkadas Cafe @ Fusionopolis (Turkish Food)
My order comes with either rice or bread. I chose the rice. (like the one in the set meal).
The rice was fluffy and it tasted quite nice. I actually ate the rice on its own. If only the bowl of rice was bigger. I had the Musakka on its own 😉

Arkadas Cafe @ Fusionopolis (Turkish Food)
The two other colleagues ordered the same thing.
Both of them had the Adana Kebab ($14) which was a mix of lamb and beef.

The two orders came at separate timing. We initially wondered if they missed out one order. Then we realised that one smell better and the kebab looking more juicier than the other. The first one looked dryer and the other one looked both juicier and oilier. We were speculating the two chefs each had their own version of the same dish.

Both of them had their meat with rice too. (instead of bread).

Arkadas Cafe @ Fusionopolis (Turkish Food)
We decided to try their dessert as well. This was the cream caramel ($4).
It was a cold dessert, but we think the one we had the caramel might have been a bit burnt. It had a slight bitter taste of burnt caramel. We still finished it all though because it was a nice cold dessert.

The food’s different from our usual meals. The set meal seems like a good deal. There seems to be a crowd too. Not sure if it’s like that all the time, it does seem to be popular. We will probably be back to try the other dishes. I liked their version of Pita bread and houmus.

On the menu, it says presented by Chef Mustafa and Chef Ismail. A quick check online shows that Chef Mustafa Gungar worked 22 years in Singapore’s Turkish embassy as the personal chef to eight ambassadors.

Arkadas Cafe
1 Fusionopolis Way
Connexis Tower
Singapore 138632

Tel: +65 6466 9918


6 thoughts on “Arkadas Cafe @ Fusionopolis”

  • Interesting. I work at Fusionopolis, and was a bit turned off by this place when it first opened – three set menus and nothing more, at ridiculous prices. But the menu has obviously expanded, and the service improved – when I went, the waitresses kept confusing which of the three set menus was which.

    Mousaka is the Greek version of lasagna; it is no surprise that Turkey has its own equivalent, and I'm delighted to read in your blog that I can eat it so conveniently.

  • I am surprised but not always delighted to know that another Turkish place has opened. Most of the time, the food is not at all authentic. The Turkish spelling for 'Hummus' should be 'Humus' 🙂

    Sounds like the meal was ok in general which is good!

  • I am not surprised hearing about the popularity of the Turkish place! The Turkish cousine is so delicious that I myself hardly can resist to.Mousaka, so as the different kinds of Doner Kebabs are my weaknesses, so as the amazing rice pudding I have tried in the various spots offering Turkish dishes! Did they have baklava, too?

  • Mrs Ergul,

    We saw that they were personal chefs from the Turkish Embassy, so we thought it would be quite authentic. Maybe if you have time, try them and let me know…

    The humus spelling I used was how they spell it in their menu 😉

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