Ikea Restaurant @ Ikea Alexandra

One of the places that I love to have a meal is Ikea. It’s always the same things so I have not been posting photos of it. I thought I saw something different, so here are some new photos for updates ๐Ÿ˜‰

The 15 balls, Ikea Swedish Meat Balls

The Swedish meatballs now have a small swedish flag!
It’s because there’s some Swedish Food promotion this month it seems.
The 15 pieces meatballs is on discount.

For buying meatballs, you get a piece of this cake that’s covered with sweet sweet marzipan for free. It taste a bit too sweet for some on our table, but I think it’s ok.

Meatballs with Pasta

For those who don’t like meatballs with potatoes, they have meatballs with pasta too.

Fried Chicken Wings

The ‘die die’ must order for the ladies chicken wings.

Lingonberry Drink

I noticed they now serve Lingonberry drink from the dispenser now.
Yup, it’s refillable and you can use your Ikea Friends coupon to exchange for the drinks.

Lingonberry Drink

Oh by the way, if you want to try Halal version of the meatballs, Ikea Tampines has them.
They have halal version of the meatballs, made from chicken and beef instead of pork and beef.

Ikea Restaurant
317 Alexandra Road,
Singapore 159965.

3 thoughts on “Ikea Restaurant @ Ikea Alexandra”

  • Hehe… I'm a sucker for those meatballs too! We have the option to have chips instead of boiled potatoes. And we don't have chicken wings – boo.

  • Su-Lin,

    Yes, so many of us are! There's something about meatballs that makes us all go gaga!

    Ikea in other countries are usually so 'ulu', maybe I should visit ikeas at other countries and 'eat'! haha

    It's sweet and yet has a sour berry taste. Some says it tastes a little like cough mixture! haha

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