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Penang Place Restaurant @ Connexis, Fusionopolis

Colleagues and I were discussing about what to have for lunch and someone mentioned Penang Place. A colleague who passed Fusionopolis on the way home daily said it has opened. I also remember seeing a flyer at my in laws place a few days before saying it has moved there.

We all decided to go and hop into colleague’s MPV. We went on a Tuesday and realise it’s their 2nd day of operations at Fusionopolis! There was so many people there! I guess it’s because there’s an opening special at $20.90++

Penang Place Restaurant

First glance when we walked down Basement 1. It looked like their former branch at International Business Park! The familiar green neon lights!

They moved to Fusionopolis

Get to Connexis and head down to the basement 1 beside the Food Court. That’s where it’s now located.

We were particularly hungry that day and the food here looked so good. So here’s a bombardment of photos for today’s post!

Char Kway Teow

The dish that they are famous for! No pork or lard in their Penang CKT, but it still taste fabulous!
They cook in moderate portions / batches and load it on the buffet serving tray. It keeps running out. You know how typical Singapore eaters are. They replenish it quite quickly though. When folks see the person carrying the fresh CKT out, they all make their way to the buffet table!

I love it because there’s so much cockles! Everyone on our table of 6 enjoyed it!  All of us took more than 1 serving I think! I had 3! It had the wonderful wok hei smell and it’s still hot! A must try here!

Beef Rendang

Their beef rendang is also a must try. The piece that I took thankfully was not hard, but rather tender. A tad salty though, but it tasted wonderful. I would have taken more pieces but I know there’s so much things to eat, so I better save my stomach to try other stuff!

Curry Chicken

Their curry chicken here is another favourite. Another item that seems to run out very fast at the buffet table! (But quickly replenished) Dip the thick curry in the sliced baguette and it’s heavenly!

Sweet and Sour Prawns

I think this was sweet and sour prawns. Nice unique sweetish and a tad sour taste and it’s quite appetizing. It’s with black sauce, so it’s a bit more on the sweet side.

Fried Springrolls

The fried spring rolls were only so so, but we later found out why everyone of us took it! It’s because there’s a scissors by the side!

Why? When we were queuing up, we noticed the person in front of us cutting the spring roles with the scissors. All of us wanted to play ‘masak masak’. We all wanted to act like hawkers selling the fried popiah! We all wanted to cut the popiah with the scissors! We all had a good laugh talking about it. That’s one fun part of buffet lines right? We can role play!

Hokkien Mee

The Hokkien noodles! The taste was OK to most of us. Again, on the sweetish side. I guess it’s the Penang style.

Hokkien Mee

I don’t really like yellow noodles, so I requested for only bee hoon.  We did notice, we thought it was only OK, but after a few mouths, our tongue seem to like it and most of us finished up the soup although we said it was sweet!

Fruit Rojak

The fruit rojak is still there. It has been a popular DIY at Penang Place since their International Business Park days!

Another dish that we can all pretend to play ‘masak masak’. If you are observant, you notice people actually enjoy mixing things up! Some look so ‘pro’, while others looked really silly!

Fried Chicken

The crispy fried chicken was another hot item! Another item that disappears rather quickly!
So keep a look out if you are a fried chicken fan. For the fried chicken I think previously when it was at International Business Park, it was nicer.

Ngo Hiong

Fried Ngo Hiong. Since they don’t serve pork here, these are made from chicken meat chunks.
Quite nice!

Fruits, Salads

One colleague’s plate. Looks like he is going the healthy path!

Penang Laksa

This is a must try when you are here. The Penang Laksa!

I realise many people skip the ‘hae kor’ when they ask for Penang Laksa at the manned noodles counter. The hae kor is what makes it Penang Laksa!

There’s not as much shredded mackerel, but the gravy was great! I wonder if it was because when I queued for it, the gravy container was running out and about to be replenished.

Penang Laksa

The soup really has a good ‘kick’! It was sourish and yet spicy and sweet. I literally felt light headed after drinking the laksa gravy! It’s very addictive. I almost finish up all the gravy! I love the smell of bunga kantan (torch ginger bud / ginger flower) that’s inside. It made the dish so fragrant!

But it’s not for everyone, one colleague saw some of us take it and we were saying it was so spicy etc. She got scared! Another colleague had a wet dripping sweaty head right after the first mouth! It’s one of those who take spicy food and break into sweat!

One really shiok food here!

Bubor Cha Cha

The bubor chacha here’s colourful!
The perfect dessert to cool down after a fiery penang laksa dish!

Chempedak Goreng / Fried Chempedak

Here’s something that caught our eyes! No, they are not chicken nuggets!

Chempedak Goreng

It’s Cempedak Goreng! Fried Cempedak. For those who can take the smell, eat it, it’s so yummy!
After deep frying, the flesh was so soft and smooth inside. The outer crust was so crunchy and crispy. It was delicious! I have not had this for ages!

Don’t eat too much of it! It’s supposedly very heaty!

Assorted Nyonya Kueh

I always like their ‘kuih muih’ here. It’s so colourful and taste great! I got this habit of eating everything with the delicious kaya that they have!

Guilin Gao

We realise now at Fusionopolis, their desserts selection seems to have expanded!
They have a fridge that you can self service and it’s full of cut fruits, Guilin Gao and Mango Pudding!


One of my favourite and I always make myself a bowl when I am here. Chendol!

It was such a full meal. Most of us did not managed to try every item. Eg, the ‘Kiam Hoo” soup. We were hungry, but our stomach can’t fill everything in! We were bursting! Sigh age has caught up, we used to be able to eat much more and still feel hungry!

Penang Place Restaurant
1 Fusionopolis Way,
Connexis #B1-20/24
Singapore 138632

Tel: 6467 7003 / 6467 7008

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  • You absolutely crack me up with your “masak masak” comments! 😀

    Was at Fusionopolis for a conference last year…wish this place had been open!

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