Alcove Asian Restaurant Bar @ NUS University Cultural Centre

Colleagues and I got curious recently and went ‘all the way’ to the NUS University Cultural Centre to have lunch! We heard there’s a new ‘zhi char’ style food eating place in NUS.

It was a very hot and bright afternoon, it’s no wonder no one sits at the outdoor seating area! The outdoor area is most probably for those who come for drinks at night. We don’t know if anyone will go there except maybe during performance nights at the University Cultural Centre?

Alcove Asian Restaurant Bar

“Alcove. Asian Restaurant. Bar” has taken over from KR50. We notice something when we got there. It’s another Pines Catering food outlet! The staff uniform has the Pines logo!

But we like the Filipino service staff here! They were so helpful and when we said we were cold (yes, the aircon was blowing so strong!) they offered us another table and came back to check if we were still cold 2 to 3 times after!

Alcove Asian Restaurant Bar

The place as you can see look quite modern. But looking at the menu, I was reminded of my student days in Melbourne! It’s the kind of menu that has nice border, super simple with just the dishes and the price.

If you know what I mean, it’s the kind of menu used in Malaysian / Vietnamese or Singapore restaurants in Melbourne that sells food to students!

This was the express lunch menu. 😉

Alcove Asian Restaurant Bar

A colleague tried their congee and found it pretty decent. $5.50
It’s a huge bowl and it was served very hot. Taste was OK and ingredients not too stingy too.

Alcove Asian Restaurant Bar

Another colleague had the beef stir fry with rice. $5.50
He’s a big eater so he found it a bit too small the portion.

Alcove Asian Restaurant Bar

I also had the rice dishes from the menu. I picked Mongolian Pork Ribs and Rice. $5.50
I found the pork ribs rather tender and quite a few pieces too.

Portions are OK to last till 4 pm before you need to snack. 😉

Alcove Asian Restaurant Bar

Another colleague had the Claypot Noodle $5.
We all think hers is the most ‘worth’ it. Portions are bigger than ours, she said it was delicious too, and the food stays hot because it’s a claypot.

NUS Staff and Student producing identification gets discounts too. They serve plain water FOC too. So we thought it’s a place we can come back. We want to try their a la carte dishes one of these days.

Alcove. Asian Restaurant. Bar.
University Cultural Centre, NUS.
50 Kent Ridge Crescent,
Singapore 119279.

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