BK Crunchy Nacho Burgers

Momo and I were at ION Orchard grabbing some stuff and we were looking for a place for a quick bite. If you have seen the posters all around Singapore, Burger King is having the BK Crunchy Nacho Burgers. We thought we would try it out.

Onion Rings

We ordered two set meals.

Looking at the onion rings, how many of you know that it has been a while since you can choose either fries or onions? In ‘ancient’ time, you would need to top up if you want to switch to onion rings.

Do you know that it has been a while, probably a year or two, that you can choose onion rings if you are not a fries person without paying a cent more?

Nacho Whopper Jr

Momo’s Nacho Whopper Jr.

Momo likes nachos or any corn related stuff. The first bite, she said it was nothing special, but as she tasted the corn flavours, she said it was nice.

It had spicy jalapeno BBQ sauce which gives it a slight spiciness. There were also caramelized onions. (The reason they are called Nacho burgers, the tortilla chips with the spicy jalapeno BBQ Sauce etc!)

Nacho Tendergrill Chicken

I had the Nacho Tendergrill Chicken.

I am not a very nacho person, so I find it ok. The nachos gives it a slight crunchiness.
The slight crunch made the burger a little unique though. I like the spicy jalapeno BBQ sauce and caramelized onions that was added to the usual tendergrill chicken burger.

Black Pepper Basil Drumlets

For now, BK is giving out Black Pepper Basil Drumlets with any of the Nacho Crunchy Burger meal.
They are tasty except a little small.

What Momo and I discovered is that at Burger King, when you pay using your EZ Link card, you can get 50 cents off every two meals. So we paid using our EZ Link card 😉

Available at all Burger King outlets Singapore wide from 2 to 29 June 2011.
It will be off their menu from 30 June 2011. So hurry if you want to try it out.

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