Prive – Bakery Cafe @ Marina at Keppel Bay

Just look at these luxury yachts berthing at the marina. If you own a yacht, it’ll be great to have breakfast on board the vessel.

But if you don’t own a yacht, having a lazy weekend breakfast with a view of these luxury yacht would be equally relaxing.

Keppel Bay

Momo and I met up with our bridesmaid Dino few weeks ago to discuss ‘matters’.
As usual, having any discussion over food always ends up with a good conclusion or plan.

Grilled Cajun Chicken Wrap - Privé - Bakery Cafe @ Marina at Keppel Bay

Dino wanted something not so heavy, so she ordered the Grilled Cajun Chicken Wrap. $15
It comes served with salad that’s decent, you know what I mean by decent by looking at the leaves served.

Grilled Cajun Chicken Wrap - Privé - Bakery Cafe @ Marina at Keppel Bay

The grilled chicken was wrapped with grilled mango, romaine lettuce and aioli.
Quite a nice combination and tasty. If you are making wraps at home, try this combi.

Fish & Chips - Privé - Bakery Cafe @ Marina at Keppel Bay

Momo was into fried foods and she ordered the Fish and Chips. $19.
Decent two pieces of crispy battered fish and salads on the sides. Momo enjoyed it because of the crispy batter. Inside was firm, tender steaming hot fish.

N.Y. Burger - Privé - Bakery Cafe @ Marina at Keppel Bay

When I see burgers in the menu, I always want to try it! I was tempted because it said wagyu patty in the menu. This was the N.Y. Burger at $26.

The description said: 200g of wagyu patty, melted English cheddar, one big crispy onion ring on it served with aioli. It’s simple and yet good. “I like!”

The large chips on the side was nicely done. Crispy outside, light and fluffy inside.

But I am pretty sure they are not double or triple fried. I have this sudden crave to try out Heston Blumenthal triple fried chips!

I am in a fries/chips mood today! I was just discussing about ultrasonic fries this evening at a friend’s place! Anyone tried it before or know anyone with the equipment to make it in Singapore?

Flourless Chocolate Cake - Privé - Bakery Cafe @ Marina at Keppel Bay

We know the desserts here are good. That was the reason we did not order other sides to go with our mains. We were saving our stomach space for desserts.

We know and have read what’s nice here, but as usual, we will just pretend not knowing anything and ask the service staff to recommend. Well well, he recommended what we were going to try!

Flourless Chocolate Cake. $13.
It was so rich and dense, and ice cream on the side. The ice cream was fig and honey ice cream. Nice!
Note: if you are not a fig fan, you probably won’t like the taste or smell of figs.

Sticky Date Pudding - Privé - Bakery Cafe @ Marina at Keppel Bay

Our other dessert, the Sticky Date Pudding. $10.

Oooo.. Sticky and served with butterscotch. The ladies were happy with this dessert.
I think anything served with good ice cream makes everyone happy!

The view was nice, it makes you feel as if you are holidaying outside Singapore. Except of course with the humidity and heat.

There is indoor air conditioned seating and also outdoor seating. As usual, you know who sits indoors and who sits outdoors. 😉

2 Keppel Bay Vista
Marina at Keppel Bay
Singapore 098382

Tel: +65 6776 0777

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