.Location: ION Orchard

Salt Grill and Sky Bar by Luke Mangan @ ION Orchard

Restaurant Week 2014 started last Saturday and we made 2 bookings at 2 very different places to indulge a bit. I didn’t book any restaurants last year, partly because when I realised the booking was opened, the places that I wanted to try had all […]

Paradise Dynasty @ ION Orchard

Momo and I bought some online discount coupons for the Paradise Dynasty XLB few months ago and Momo reminded me that they were expiring. We thought we better use them soon! We could only use them on a weekday so we took an afternoon leave […]

BK Crunchy Nacho Burgers

Momo and I were at ION Orchard grabbing some stuff and we were looking for a place for a quick bite. If you have seen the posters all around Singapore, Burger King is having the BK Crunchy Nacho Burgers. We thought we would try it […]

Lu Gang Xiao Zhen (Asian Kitchen) @ ION Orchard

We were at ION Orchard and were hunting for food. Do you notice, sometimes it’s the nose that leads you to what you want to eat! We were going down the escalator and the smell from someone’s hot grill order from Watami hit us! So […]

Marmalade Pantry @ ION Orchard

The story today. Momo and Dino was meeting up for dinner for the ladies catch up session and I gatecrashed. They have been saying the food’s here so nice that I was yearning to try it! *** The ladies opted for the healthy stuff in […]