Ajisen @ IMM

1. I was hungry and happened to stand in front of Ajisen.
2. When I think of Ajisen, I think of their ‘Pai Ku’ (pork ribs)! (Am I weird?)
3. And when I thought of ‘Pai Ku’,  my legs took control and walked in!

I saw that it is still in the menu and I ordered it!  This is my ‘Pai Ku Ramen’. $11
I know it is deep fried and does not look very healthy, but I just like it!
(I think it used to be better?)

Paiku Ramen

This is the Tonpei Yaki $4.80
Sliced pork with egg and shredded cabbage. Very yummy too!

Tonpei Yaki

Are you also a pai ku fan?

Ajisen @ IMM
2 Jurong East St 21
#01-113 IMM Building
Singapore 609601

Tel: 6564 5610

5 thoughts on “Ajisen @ IMM”

  • LFB,

    Thanks for the note.
    I was busy at work, busy for the Good Friday/Easter matters, and also unfortunately fell sick for a couple of days which made me sleep almost non stop with the medication.

    I am almost well now.
    Regular programming will commence soon 😉

  • No wonder 🙂

    I am glad you are feeling better now!!
    Just worried, even though I never met you in real life, but your blog is my secret addiction! I will be sad if you stop blogging!

    There are alot of foodblogs around, but there is just something about yours that makes me visit your blog almost everyday!

    Get well soon, and start blogging away!

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