Ajisen @ IMM

1. I was hungry and happened to stand in front of Ajisen.2. When I think of Ajisen, I think of their ‘Pai Ku’ (pork ribs)! (Am I weird?)3. And when I thought of ‘Pai Ku’,  my legs took control and walked in! I saw that […]

Ajisen Desserts @ IMM

Though the menu for their usual meals have changed a bit, as mentioned recent post, their desserts menu is still about the same. We like to have some desserts here after meals. A little sweet things to sweeten up the day or night. 😉 Green […]

Ajisen @ IMM

It’s been a long time since we had anything in Ajisen, it seems the menu has changed quite a bit. The set deals seems to be less tempting now. The things that we wanted is no longer there. ;-( But here’s what we had. Since […]

Ajisen @ IMM

This was dinner last Saturday with sis and momo. Sis needed to get some stuff from IMM. I also had to return library books at the nearby Jurong East library. After settling all the errands, sis and momo decided that we shall have Ajisen. We […]

Desserting @ Ajisen, IMM

Oh, the temporary insanity we had about snacking after lunch did not stop with what you saw yesterday. The menu tempted us with the following: Macha Sundae $4. With corn flakes below too. The Zenzai (Red Bean Dessert). $6.20Ice cream, dango and red bean paste. […]