Lunch @ NUS BIZ Canteen

Colleagues and I were at the NUS Business Canteen for lunch. We think this canteen might be the least crowded. Everyone seems to be flocking to other canteens.

We were glad we came here. We do not need to look for seats. There’s lots of it everywhere!

One colleague had this unique cold dish with buns from the Beijing Food stall.
Cold salad with pig’s ears! She said it was nice.

BIZ Chinese Stall Food

She had it with the vegetable pan cake.  The above and this bun costs $2.70.

BIZ Chinese Stall Food

For me, I had food from the Vietnamese stall. I was feeling extremely hungry so I had the 2 meats and 1 veg. (instead of 2 veg, 1 meat)

This is the ginger and lemongrassy chicken side of the plate.

BIZ Vietnamese Stall Food

The other side I had the beef stew. I think only paid $3.50 for it.

BIZ Vietnamese Stall Food

Two other colleagues had food from the Malay stall. The Malay stall seemed to have changed operators since the last time we were here. Dpuk said it’s not bad except that the sambal was not as nice as the previous operator. I think this is $2.20.

BIZ Malay Stall Food

We have been eating canteen food. Partly because we have been busy and also because it’s cheap. Everyone needs to watch our weight before CNY! hehe…

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