.Location: NUS Business Canteen

Authentic Korean Cuisine @ NUS Business/School of Computing Canteen.

Those working in NUS/NUH/Science Parks will be happy with this new discovery. A new Korean food stall has replaced the chicken rice stall at the NUS Business / School of Computing Canteen. The name of the stall is simply “Authentic Korean Cuisine”. It opened this […]

Lunch @ NUS BIZ Canteen

Colleagues and I were at the NUS Business Canteen for lunch. We think this canteen might be the least crowded. Everyone seems to be flocking to other canteens. We were glad we came here. We do not need to look for seats. There’s lots of […]

Vietnamese Stall @ Business Canteen, NUS

It has been a long long time since I ate at the NUS Business Canteen. It’s the university holidays, so it’s less stressful to find a place to sit here. But there’s also a downside eating here during the holidays. Not all stalls are open […]

Cafe Le Caire @ NUS Business Canteen

Colleagues and I had a quick and simple lunch at the NUS Business Canteen. There’s this Cafe Le Caire that has been around for some time, but we never bought anything from there when we visit this place. Whenever you walk past, you can smell […]

Vietnamese Food @ NUS Business Canteen

A quick post as I have been extremely busy these few days. This was lunch few days ago when I ate at the NUS Business Canteen. What a coincidence that I met an old friend there. I seldom come to this canteen, and he works […]