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Fei Siong @ Lorong Kilat

One of the married couple whom wedding dinner I posted the other day, invited a few of us over to their new home for a gathering. It is a very nice place! We stayed on to watch a DVD and when it was over it was I think nearly 8 pm!

Their place is at Signature Park, so we thought we will go somewhere nearby for dinner. We decided to eat at Fei Siong.  The air-con section was packed and oh.. it was so noisy! It got better when the noisy group of 2 or 3 tables of happy teenagers had their food served. With their mouth’s eating, they can’t talk! There was a moment of silence! LOL…

We ordered by half looking at the menu, and half peeking at other tables!

We had prawn paste chicken wings. It comes straight out of the oil, so it’s super hot! Gluttons will get their tongue burnt if they can’t wait for it to cool down. Patience will bring forth nice food without burning your tongue!

Prawn Paste Chicken

We wanted to order some other pork (name which I forgot), but it was sold out, so it was replaced with this Pai Ku Wang. It’s nice. I like fried and yet tender pieces of pork!

Pai Ku Wang

The stir fried Kai Lan was our veg for the night.

Stir Fy Kai Lan

We also had 2 bowls of the soup of the day. Soup photos usually turn out blur, so I did not bother to take photos. Everyone liked the soup.

To fill us up, we had two huge carbo dishes.
The Mee Goreng. I like their mee goreng.

Mee Goreng

We also had their house special hor fun. The horfun on opeh leaf with lots of seafood. (Sea cucumber, scallops, etc)

Special House Hor Fun

Food’s served very quickly. Good for hungry bunch of people like us!

Fei Siong Seafood Restaurant
17 Lorong Kilat
Singapore 598139

Tel: 64656067

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