Hotshots Burger @ Lau Pa Sat

Was tempted to eat this because Southernoise sent me a link in my FB inbox few days ago. It so happened that last night, a few friends wanted supper and we went to Lau Pa Sat. Aha. Time for me to try the Hotshots Burger.

Have seen this stall, but have never ordered from it. I usually will order the CKT from its neighbour instead. No CKT today. It’s burger day. (or rather night.)

Not sure of which burger to eat, I asked the lady at the counter. She said try this. So, I had the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. With real Bleu Cheese.

After ordering and paying. I was given this card. I had to wait for my burger. It told me why I needed to wait too. LOL

The guy that was packing my burger did it with so much care. It’s so neat too!
This is it, back on my seat.

After carefully opened it, this is what I saw. Oh, the smell of the bleu cheese. Either you like it or you hate it. People beside me could smell it immediately!

The bun was really soft. The meat was juicy. You need lots of serviettes or better still, prepare to come here with ‘wet ones’, because the juice will be dripping. Enough said. You try it and let me know.

p/s I think it is Ice‘s favourite burger? by her description in HGW 😉

Hotshots Burger
Stall 76 Lau Pa Sat Festival Market
18 Raffles Quay
Singapore 048582

15 thoughts on “Hotshots Burger @ Lau Pa Sat”

  • Oh they are serving chicken burger now? There was only cow before! haha I actually blogged about it <>before<>. 🙂 I haven’t eaten enough burgers to say this is my favorite. But by far it’s the cheapest and nicest one around! Try the beef next time. 🙂

  • I LOVE Blue Cheese!!! But hubby says he’s tried this chain in the Philippines and hates it. So he won’t eat it here either. But that only means there’s a high chance I will like it, cos our tastebuds are completely opposite! 😀

  • DWD,What a bummer right? When you are there and it is closed. Don’t worry, there’s so many other stalls there! 😉BSG,I am sure on one of the back street in KL, there’s one. Don’t be surprised! LFB,I suddenly think of Ramly Burger. They are made fresh too. Oooo…SteamyKitchen,That would also mean we got to wait. LOL. Not for the impatient. 🙂Camamberu,I wonder if there’s one made from Camembert cheese! That would be a burger named after you. Maybe you can try and see if your hubby would like the one in Sg. hehe.Southernoise,You are the one who tempted me. ;-pFatboybakes,You will offer one of those delicious cakes you have with blue cheese soon? 🙂Nic, You miss the sakura chicken already? When’s the claypot rice thingy??? 😉

  • i tried this in Jakarta at senayan city mall in 2007. the beef patty is really juicy but i remembered it was really pricy, costs around $12 for a set meal.btw, which church do u go to?

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