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.Area: Tanjong Pagar / Robinson Road / Shenton Way

Seasonal Taste @ The Westin Singapore, The Great Thai Feast.

It has been some time since the wife and I dined here. We first dine here when we saw the opening specials of Westin Singapore and booked a room for a short staycation. (Time passes so quickly as they are now 3 years old!)We wondered […]

Pince & Pints @ Duxton Road

Is lobster your kind of food? If you are not allergic to them, or you personally prefer bigger prawns because you think the texture of prawns are superior to lobsters, or you think think bringing your date to a lobster place will give him/her higher […]

Jin De Yun HK Food @ Amoy Street Food Centre

We called it ‘doggie bowl’ place. Why? Long long time ago (8 or 9 years ago), they used stainless steel bowls to serve the steamed rice dishes. A few of us friends have been eating at this stall for nearly 10 years! Amazing huh…(oh yes, […]

Mei Cai Kuo Rou @ Amoy Street Food Centre

This is one of the fastest meal you can have ready on your table in 2 mins (if there is no queue) – Mei Cai Kou Rou. This is one of the stalls that i frequent every Tuesday /Thursday for the last few years. I […]

Hotshots Burger @ Lau Pa Sat

Was tempted to eat this because Southernoise sent me a link in my FB inbox few days ago. It so happened that last night, a few friends wanted supper and we went to Lau Pa Sat. Aha. Time for me to try the Hotshots Burger. […]