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.Location: Lau Pa Sat Festival Market

Satay Power @ Lau Pa Sat

The Monday night 4 of us went for Satay supper because it has been so so long since we had Satay! The 4 of us were Momo, MsMHA, Gorilla and I. Our favourite stall goes with the name of Satay Power. Don’t ask us why, […]

Jolly V Fried Chicken @ Lau Pa Sat

We were celebrating a friend’s birthday earlier at Lau Pa Sat after our Bible Study. We had the usual satay and chicken wings, chai tow kueh, or jien etc… The chicken wing was horrible. It looks so so carcinogenic. (i.e. super chao tar/ burnt) After […]

Hotshots Burger @ Lau Pa Sat

Was tempted to eat this because Southernoise sent me a link in my FB inbox few days ago. It so happened that last night, a few friends wanted supper and we went to Lau Pa Sat. Aha. Time for me to try the Hotshots Burger. […]

Birthday Supper @ Lau Pa Sat

On Tuesday night, after our Bible Study Fellowship lessons, 16 of us went out for supper. It was to celebrate our dear friend Matthew’s birthday. (Btw, we are also studying the book of Matthew. 🙂 ) It seems that Lau Pa Sat has become our […]

Supper @ Lau Pa Sat

Just came back not long ago from supper. A bunch of us (around 20 of us) met up with a friend who came down from KL. It was a nice time to meet and chat. We were hungry, so we ordered 60 satays, 4 ketupats, […]