Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa @ Market St Carpark

For this whole week, a colleague and I, we are attending a course at Robinson Road. Being newbies in this area, lunch time is a fun time to look for food.

On Monday we had food at the more familiar Amoy St Food Centre. Tuesday we made a bad decision by going to China Sq Food Centre. It seems that this place is closing down, most stalls have closed and the food we had was horrible.

For the last few days, we were busy spotting places to eat. One that caught our eye was this long long queue at a laksa shop at the Market St Carpark building.

So, today we decided to try this laksa. We were let off for lunch at around 11.45 AM, quite a blessing at the lunch crowd has not invaded the city. No queue!

Colleague had the Prawn Mix Laksa. $6.90

I had the Chicken Mix Laksa instead. $6.90

All the ingredients are hidden inside. You get 2 chicken wings, lots of ‘ham’ / cockles, tao pok, fish cake etc… And the super thick calorie laden gravy…..

The gravy is thick and yummy. The sambal is spicy and fiery. Although you are sitting in an air con place, you will definitely break sweat eating this. The claypot keeps your laksa hot and that keeps a bowl of heat heating up your face. haha…

The chicken tasted like it is boiled separately and just added on top. You got to ‘coat’ it with the thick gravy to make it taste good.

Wondering what should we have for lunch tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Zhen Shan Mei Claypot Laksa @ Market St Carpark”

  • Mr Keropok Man, I am surprised you haven’t been to Pow Sing in Serangoon Gardens for chicken rice, it’s very good, they have nice achar, yummy deep fried tofu and good cendol too! I highly recommend it – always must go there to eat when I visit Singapore!

  • Pardon my ignorance – I know the one near CMPB depot rd is the flagship stall of the one @ vivocity, but are they related to this outlet at robinson rd?I love laksa and the one at depot rd was my fav during army days!

  • eileen,can lah. no calories. quite safe. LOLkennymah,i think you can claypot anything and everything. it just keeps food warm. but keeping laksa warm means a sweaty meal. LOLanon,i will try it one of these days. thanks for the recommendation.mamabok,i love cockles too. eating ‘hum’ does not cause any ‘harm’. LOLmomo,prawns all hidden. maybe they were live and dun wish to be photographed, so it swam below the laksa gravy. LOLnic, hisfoodblog,i am not sure if they are related. it is the same name. hmmmm looks like anything laksa in singapore, we always wonder which is the original. lol

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