Da Cheng Hainan Chicken Rice @ Amoy Street Food Centre.

A few of us friend order chicken rice from this stall although you know for sure it will take a long time for the food to come. haha..

It’s just that this old couple managing the stall, just happen to be slow. Their ‘shou jiao man’. (translated as ‘Hand Leg Slow’ LOL) But somehow, we still get chicken rice from him because we want to ‘support support’ this old couple who is still in business.

One thing unique about this chicken rice is that it comes with peanuts! The chicken rice is nice too.

But when we are in a rush, we will avoid them, and go for the other chicken stall opposite them. That stall has super fast service by a younger couple and their chicken rice is quite nice too.

Da Cheng Hainan Chicken Rice
Amoy Street Food Centre

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  • Greetings from CanadaThe chicken looks juicy and this is the first time I see chicken rice with peanuts.By the way, why crop up the photo? The usual landscape orientation should be better.This food blog is one of the better ones as it has quality food photos. The best ones are the one that show the whole plate with uneaten food on the plate without any utensils on it. It will also avoid including images of dirty table, hands or body or anything beyond the plate on the photo.Cheers

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