Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant @ Changi Terminal 3

Yesterday, Mum and Sis arrived back from their holiday and we picked them up at the airport. The newspapers have been reporting about people flocking to Terminal 3 to shop and eat, so we decided to ‘kepo kepo’ a bit, so we went from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 to eat. (yes eat. because they arrived on a 9 pm plus flight, we know they will be starving.)

Remembering that this is Singapore, when it’s around 9 plus, whatever restaurant that is open, you better quickly get in and hopefully get to order before ‘their kitchen closes’. (Experience that too many times liao….)

Where did we go? The first restaurant we saw was Crystal Jade Shanghai noodles. True enough, after we placed our orders, we were told, ‘do you have any other things that you want to order? the kitchen closes in around 15 mins’. Haha! Made it in time!

We shared a spicy la mian. Pork and Mushroom La Mian that has a spicy peanuty taste.

We also ordered a Stew Pork. Looks good? haha.. But taste errr so so only lah. You know the hokkien call it ‘si kiam’, translated as ‘dead salt’. haha.. Hmmm it means that it only has the salty taste, and it would be better if it has a tiny bit of sweetness or sourish or spiciness.

This is the skin that goes with the stew pork above. You can make ‘kong bak pow’ with it.

The stir fried rice cakes. Sis likes it very much. It has the hint of ‘burnt wok’ smell. The fire is strong enough.

This is the cold spicy chicken. We had it once at the CJ Lamian branch at Holland V. We liked it, so we ordered. Although it looks spicy, it is mild. Not spicy at all. We thought hmmm maybe it is the airport and this is for ‘ang moh’ taste. LOL… The one in HV had cold pickled cucumbers, this one doesn’t.

We also had another cold dish (yes, cold starter dishes that arrives after we all the food arrives. LOL). Lotus root pickles with capsicum bits and sesame seeds. Momo was with us and prefer it a bit more vinegarish. 🙂

Errr, we think we will prefer not to eat at the airport lah, the food does not taste as nice as the main branches in other parts of Singapore. I think the food in Terminals 1 & 2 seems to be better.

All together, the bill plus the applicable taxes comes out to $62.62 (yes what a unique number).

4 thoughts on “Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant @ Changi Terminal 3”

  • Strangely it seems like the places you have visited recently I was there too! I was at Bugis Sakae Teppanyaki and T3 too. Did we happen to meet each other not knowingly? 🙂

  • Haa…agree T3 food not worth going there for. I tried the food court some time ago. The char kway teow is all pre-prepared. One big pile. They just heat up for you and add a few more things! Yuck.

  • team bsg,yes, ho chiak! haha..pinkhippo,hmmm next time say hi! haha.. i shall look out for pink hippos and you order keropok ok? ;-pcamemberu,i think airport must go to the staff canteen for some more ‘down to earth’ priced food. 😉

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