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.Local Fav: Chicken Rice

Kuehntessentially Peranakan at Sheraton Towers Singapore (with Shermay Lee)

Kuehntessentially Peranakan at Sheraton Towers Singapore (with Shermay Lee)

Hello again! It’s been a while since I typed something here on It is mostly on Instagram as it is faster and more convenient as the phone is easier to reach than a computer. If you love Peranakan food, and have missed the previous […]

Island Café @ Tangs Orchard

Island Café is one of the cafe that is still around after so many years. How many of you grew up visiting this place with your parents? It’s been a while since the wife and I came here. In fact, with so many malls opening […]

Seng Heng Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice @ Bukit Timah Food Centre

Our family were at Bukit Timah Food Centre for lunch. We were lazy and just sat down. It was like waiting to see who is going to order and we will just say we want that too. (Does that happen to your family too? LOL) […]

Jew Kit Chicken Rice @ Bukit Timah Shopping Centre

We noticed this new sign board has been up for sometime at the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. You know something? The sign board is placed right opposite the 5 Star Chicken Rice and Boon Tong Kee across the road (Cheong Chin Nam Road). Chicken rice […]

Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice @ Mei Ling Food Centre

Today’s lunch was Chicken Rice. Colleagues and I wanted to try the so called ‘original’ Sin Kee Famous Chicken Rice. We heard many people love it and we were all eager to try it. Some time ago, we went to the other stall with the […]