Ministry of Food の My Izakaya @ Marina Square

Last Sunday afternoon, uncle, cousin and I, we were waiting in a long queue to go in the Raffles City carpark, we decided, why not break off the queue and head to Marina Square instead. It has been a long time since we went there. We go there and found lots of parking! 🙂

Little cousin was promised Jap food, so we looked around and decided to try Ministry of Food の My Izakaya. It has signs that say no MSG, no preservative, etc… Sounds good!

I just did a search. Izakaya means pub in Japanese. This place does not look like a pub at all.

Cousin seems to like Salmon Sashimi a lot these few weeks. Here’s her order of it. It came served over shaved ice. Cool! (pun not intended)

Cousin also had Tempura Udon.

Uncle had Tempura Soba.

Both of the above came with a plate of ebi tempura. Looks good.

It was a super cold day, so I ordered Miso Spicy Ramen. Spicy enough to warm me up! 🙂
I was wondering how did they prepare the egg. It was hard boiled egg, yet the yoke is soft!

What tempted us in this place is not the above, but the desserts pictures that we saw! We decided to give it a try. So, we ordered the Macha Zen. Red Bean Green Tea Ice Cream with lots of red bean paste and dango. Very nice if you are a red bean fan! Heard that these red beans are all from Hokkaido.

This is Macha Imo. Very nice! Rich Hokkaido milk ice cream, with warm sweet potato and yam that is deep fried. Plus the red bean. Lovely!

The desserts are very sweet, but Japanese desserts are meant to be like this. Eat it with green tea and it should go very well. 🙂

Ministry of Food の My Izakaya
Marina Square (Cafe & Restaurant)
6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-128E Center Stage
Singapore 039594

Tel: 63342202

4 thoughts on “Ministry of Food の My Izakaya @ Marina Square”

  • i believe for such egg, usually is to place raw egg in hot water and start boiling from there. it makes egg white harder before yolk, and yolk stays soft and delicious! =D

  • I think izakaya is supposed to be similar to “tapas”, “finger-food” etc. It means the dishes should come in small portions/plates but they should have more variety. For Jap izakaya, should be more common to see grilled items, sushi etc. As for noodles, seldom seen. Hmmmm….

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