Vinco The Doughnut Parlour @ Vivo City

I am not one who will queue for doughnuts, but colleague knock at our doors and ask us over for donuts earlier this week.

Actually, I think they taste quite OK!
It did not have the oily smell that puts me off. I actually ate two. haha… 🙂

Sorry to bore you with so many pictures, but since I already took the photos, might as well post it up! haha…

Which is your favourite shop to get your doughnuts?

7 thoughts on “Vinco The Doughnut Parlour @ Vivo City”

  • Totally agree! I go crazy over Vinco’s and i always tell pple abt it. The fully chocolate one is my favorite followed by the blueberry one coming in a close 2nd. 🙂

  • Dunno if Vinco is ever coming over to Malaysian shores but their donuts look the same as J.Co and Big Apple Donuts over here. Sigh…the queue!

  • ElmoIt’s my first time trying it, and it’s not bad. Good thing some one queue for it. I would not have queued. haha..wmw,are you a donut fan as well? KL has more unique donuts and not forgetting Dunkin too! hahaShilpa,err lost of words. LOL..teckiee,never tasted J.Co or Big Apple, but soft like Krispy Kreme but not as sweet 🙂tigerfish,ah… I also like full of chocolate glaze ones. MamaBok,one day maybe you will change your mind. :-p actually, i am not big fan too. but when it’s in front of me, i get tempted!

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