Makan Gathering @ Clementi Park

Thanks to M, CP for organising the makan session. I have not seen a few persons for a long time and never met others. It was a good time and delicious food too. Those who are wondering, it was an old ancient OCFers meeting. haha.

(btw, Clementi Park is not a Garden/Park, but a condominium. haha….)

The host cooked a delicious pasta and crisp garlic bread for us.

Looks like the kids really loved this. Esp J.B’s son. 🙂

Others brought food. There was chicken as well.

I made this – Fruit & Veg Salad, that I have not made for a long long time.

A delicious apple pie and chocolate ice cream.

With two kinds of grape juice. Fermented ones for adults and non fermented ones for kids. Actually Ribena is not grape juice right? Hmmm…

Those who wants the recipe, I can only provide the ones for the fruit salad 🙂

1 Green Apple
2 Fuji Apple
1 Red Capsicum
1 Yellow Capsicum
4 sticks celery
1 pack of cherry tomatoes
1 pack of baby carrots
1 box of green seedless grapes
1 handful of english parsley
4 pieces of sundried tomatoes
2 green lime
splash of extra virgin olive oil.

Apples to be cubed. Capsicum in rings. Celery sliced thinly, around 3 mm, slanting it when sliced. Baby carrots cut into half, sliced slanted. Grapes, sliced off the top from the stems so it looks neat, pulling it makes it err, not so nice. Cherry tomates also in halves and cut slanted. Parsley finely chopped. Sundried tomatoes are thinly sliced.

What I mean by slanted is cutting is 45 degrees. Imagine the blue portion below is the tomato or the baby carrots, cut at the red line 🙂

It looks nicer and there are more area exposed to the lime and olive oil dressing. (Yup, the dressing is only Lime and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, healthy and light)

I usually put them in 2 big zip lock bags. Divide everything into two lots, toss everything in, and do the “salad dance”. Store them in the fridge. Serve in a big bowl when your guest arrives.

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