Ichiban Sushi @ IMM

Today for lunch, one colleague said go Jap, dun want same old Jap, so eventually it was decided, we shall try Ichiban Sushi. So we zoomed off to IMM.

No point showing the individual sushi plates from the conveyer since it is always almost the same. Here are our mains…

One colleague ordered he Salmon Chilli Don. $10.90

Mine’s Hayashi Bento Set. I ordered it just because of the word Hayashi. haha.. some of you might know why… $15.90

This is the beef in Hayashi Sauce. I must go find out more about Hayashi Sauce. Hmmm..

Another colleague had Gyu Teridon. $10.90. When this was served, the smell was heavenly… Beef always smells good ya ๐Ÿ™‚

Another colleague had this sumptuous set! Sit too far away, so hard to take photo. Its the Amazu Shiromi Sakana. $14.90

That’s the fish from this set.

The guy’s food above all came first, when we were almost finishing, the poor ladies were still waiting for their food!

Finally, one colleague’s Ebi Fry Don came out. $11.90

When those who started to eat first had finished their food, only did this colleague’s Nabeyaki Udon arrived. $11.90

Overall, ok lah.

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