Ming Kee Live Seafood @ 556 MacPherson Road (Part 2)

Continuation from yesterday’s….. We also had a fish. A very beautiful fish on our table! We were all quite amused with the standing fish! Steamed Teo Chew style. It was big and you can see the amount of flesh! We really love it. You can […]

How to cook your own chilli crabs at home… It’s easy. Really!

Last weekend, went over to aunt’s place. Remember the birthday cake? It was a birthday party.The main thingy is eating crabs. So here’s the whole process of cooking crabs. You can do it at home too… This are crabs that was just bought a few […]

Jumbo Seafood Gallery @ The Riverwalk

Last Friday night, we had dinner with our friends who arrived from Penang – BA and WK. We went to Jumbo Seafood Gallery, another friend ordered for us. Here’s the sumptious dinner we had! First to arrive was the fried mini octopus. Then came scallops […]

Lao Pa Sat : La la and Cockles

Other than yesterday’s Satay, we also ate Cockles (yet again!) and La-La. A few days ago, you saw the raw cockles, not cooked yet. Today’s it is boiled cockles that is served in one big plate, and have to peel it ourselves. This is the […]

Coca Restaurant: Steamboat @ International Building

No one guess it? Haha… If you did, I could have given you the vouchers that we got after paying for the meal. It’s at Coca at International Building. This branch still uses this traditional ‘steamboat’ pots that uses gas. The ones that Taka uses […]