Coca Restaurant: Steamboat @ International Building

No one guess it? Haha… If you did, I could have given you the vouchers that we got after paying for the meal.

It’s at Coca at International Building.

This branch still uses this traditional ‘steamboat’ pots that uses gas. The ones that Taka uses electrical ones.

The ingredients arrived… This is the first batch. I was with 4 ladies, and they can eat! The male amongst them!

First thing we put in, we start as if we are vegetarians eh? So clear and light.

Then all these started to go in! Cockles….

Enoki… yum yum…

Fish, err.. din really like it. too muddy taste.

Oysters… it goes well with the cockles above….

Prawns. Guess what, I did not eat any! Got self control eh….

Realise this is the few of the cooking process photos. We were too easy eating and serving people to take photos!

This is the last photo. We ate everything except these 3 balls. We had all kinds, no, did not bother to take photos of them. 🙂

I realise something, I forgot to take photo of the coca chilli sauce!!! Aiya!

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